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Car lift with an independent movable roofing TC 4C R

 Highest class car lifts on the market today. Four lifting cylinders providing you with stability and reliability, quality and comfort. Our qualified and well-educated design engineers have developed this car lift to suit all needs. TC 4C R could be installed anywhere around your building and you would still have your walkway, even park another vehicle on top. Fully compliant to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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Car lift TC 2500

Goods lift with operator on board

The TC-O is a freight lift that is safe for people to carry in accordance with European safety standards. If fitted

with a cabin and an automatic cabin door, users will not distinguish it from a passenger and cargo elevator. It is

designed to comply with the Machinery Directive, which gives more freedom to the design engineers, so

TC-O becomes quieter, with less power, and can be erected directly on the ground floor. The only disadvantage

of the TC-O is its slower speed.

Hydraulic cargo lift with an operator on board. It is intended for installation in a construction shaft. After

installation, the shaft of the lift must be secured — close with tight walls everywhere. It is mandatory to secure

the levels with landing doors. The start configuration is a flat deck platform with the hold-to-run operation. The

highest equipment level is a fully closed cargo cabin with cabin doors and push-to-go operation. It complies with

the current EU machinery safety directive.

The lift must always be secured with landing doors. Models D1 and D2 (Door 1 side hinged or Door 2 side
hinges) are industrial lift doors made via a new technology without welding. The locks and the hinges are
outside the door for a 180-degree opening. The door complies with ЕN81-20 and EN 81-50. The door lock has a
CE mark for safety regarding Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU or 2006/42/EC. The model D1H (Door 1 side hinged
Half) is suitable for installation on the last floor.

Car lift TC 2500 is the economical way of lifting vehicles between the floors. It is designed for installation in a concrete shaft. Maximum safe load up to 4000 kg, speed 0.13 m/s. After the lift's elevation, the shaft has to be secure. If the shaft is secured with tightly closed walls, appropriate ventilation has to be considered. The lift's entrances has to be secured with suitable doors. The lift is in accordance with the EC machinery directive.

Car lift with an independent detachable roofing TC 4C R

A car lift from the highest class. Four lifting cylinders provide stability and reliability which would be inaccessible with other types of operations. The mobile roofing closes the shaft and the space is clear for crossing. The TC 4C R is in compliance with the machinery directive 2006/42/EC.

Goods Lift TC-O
Goods Lift TC-O

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Goods Lift With Attendant
Goods Lift With Attendant

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Goods Lift With Attendant

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Goods Lift TC-O
Goods Lift TC-O

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